Kristie Lyn Miller 
Issues in Theoretical Diversity 
Persistence, Composition, and Time

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Our world is full of composite objects that persist through time: dogs, persons, chairs and rocks. But in virtue of what do a bunch of little objects get to compose some bigger object, and how does that bigger object persist through time? This book aims to answer these questions, but it does so by looking at accounts of composition and persistence through a new methodological lens. It thereby offers a completely novel view about persistence and composition.



What is Metaphysical Equivalence?.- The Puzzles of Persistence.- Defining Our Terms.- Issues of Composition.- The Metaphysical Equivalence of Unitary Three- and Four-dimensionalism.- The Metaphysical Equivalence of Non-Unitary Three- and Four-dimensionalism.- Travelling in Time.- Empirical Equivalence and Special Relativity.
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