Marcelo Dascal 
Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz 
The Art of Controversies


Remembered mainly as a logician and mathematician, Leibniz also endeavored to resolve political and religious conflicts of his day by bringing opponents into negotiation. The dialectical Leibniz who emerges from the texts here translated, commented, and interpreted is certainly not the familiar one. The book sheds new light on the familiar, yet incomplete image of Leibniz, providing further reason for cherishing and cultivating the heritage of a truly great man.



Vices of Mingled Disputes.- The Controversy of Controversies.- The Religion of a Peasant.- The Elements of Thinking.- The Balance of Law.- Can there be an Obligation to Believe?.- Controversies on Sacred Matters.- The Judge of Controversies.- Towards a Heuristics for Litigation.- The Method of Jurists and the Method of Doctors.- Interpretation and Argumentation in Law.- Towards a Heuristics for Discovery.- Estimating the Uncertain.- Towards a Numerical Universal Language.- The Encyclopedia and the Method of Discovery.- Towards a Heuristics for Persuading.- The Other’s Place.- Persuading a Skeptic.- On Controversies.- On Principles.- Two Prefaces to the General Science.- to a Secret Encyclopedia.- On the Creation of a New Logic.- New Openings.- Theology and the Principle of Contradiction.- Changing Religion.- Methods of Reunion.- An Ars Characteristica for the Rational Sciences.- ‘Characterizing’ Definitions and Demonstrating Propositions.- Advancing the Art of Discovery.- Correspondence with the Hamburg Jungians.- The Philosophical Sin Controversy.- Confronting the Catholic Hardliners.- Defining what Pertains to Faith.- Judgment of a Catholic Doctor.- Presumptions and Fictions in Legal Argumentation.- The ‘Method of Establishments’.- The Achievements of Logic and Beyond.- Pacts, Contracts, and Natural Law.- Approaching the Church of England.- Dialectic Principles and their Application.- The History and Tasks of Logic.- Bold Conjectures.- The Dynamics of Formulating and Expounding the System.- The Use of Logic Against Skepticism.
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