Neil J. Dorans & Mary Pommerich 
Linking and Aligning Scores and Scales 

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In this book, experts in statistics and psychometrics describe classes of linkages, the history of score linkings, data collection designs, and methods used to achieve sound score linkages. They describe and critically discuss applications to a variety of domains. They define what linking is, to distinguish among the varieties of linking and to describe different procedure for linking. Furthermore, they convey the complexity and diversity of linking by covering different areas of linking and providing diverse perspectives.



Overview.- Overview.- Foundations.- A Framework and History for Score Linking.- Data Collection Designs and Linking Procedures.- Equating.- Equating: Best Practices and Challenges to Best Practices.- Practical Problems in Equating Test Scores: A Practitioner’s Perspective.- Potential Solutions to Practical Equating Issues.- Tests in Transition.- Score Linking Issues Related to Test Content Changes.- Linking Scores Derived Under Different Modes of Test Administration.- Tests in Transition: Discussion and Synthesis.- Concordance.- Sizing Up Linkages.- Concordance: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.- Some Further Thoughts on Concordance.- Vertical Scaling.- Practical Issues in Vertical Scaling.- Methods and Models for Vertical Scaling.- Vertical Scaling and No Child Left Behind.- Assessments Linking Group Assessments to Individual.- Linking Assessments Based on Aggregate Reporting: Background and Issues.- An Enhanced Method for Mapping State Standards onto the NAEP Scale.- Using Aggregate-Level Linkages for Estimation and Validation: Comments on Thissen and Braun & Qian.- Postscript.
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