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Foreword: Storied Matter Jeffrey Jerome Cohen Introduction: Stories Come to Matter Serenella Iovino and Serpil Oppermann Part I. Material Ecocriticism: Theories and Relations1. From Ecological Postmodernism to Material Ecocriticism: Creative Materiality and Narrative Agency Serpil Oppermann 2. On the Limits of Agency: Notes on the Material Turn from a Systems-Theoretical Perspective Hannes Bergthaller3. Creative Matter and Creative Mind: Cultural Ecology and Literary Creativity Hubert Zapf4. Natural Play, Natural Metaphor and Natural Stories: Biosemiotic Realism Wendy Wheeler5. The Ecology of Color: Goethe’s Materialist Optics and Ecological Posthumanism Heather Sullivan Part II. Narratives of Matter6. Bodies of Naples: Stories, Matter, and the Landscapes of Porosity Serenella Iovino7. When It Rains Lowell Duckert 8. Painful Material Realities, Avoidance, Ecophobia Simon C. Estok9. Semiotization of Matter: A Hybrid Zone between Biosemiotics and Material Ecocriticism Timo Maran Part III. Politics of Matter10. Pro/Polis: Three Forays into the Political Lives of Bees Catriona Sandilands11. Excremental Ecocriticism and the Global Sanitation Crisis Dana Phillips12. Oceanic Origins, Plastic Activism, and New Materialism at Sea Stacy Alaimo13. Meditations on Natural Worlds, Disabled Bodies, and a Politics of Cure Eli Clare Part IV. Poetics of Matter14. Corporeal Fieldwork and Risky Art: Peter Goin and the Making of Nuclear Landscapes Cheryll Glotfelty15. Of Material Sympathies, Paracelsus, and Whitman Jane Bennett16. Source of Life: Avatar, Amazonia, and an Ecology of Selves Joni Adamson 17. The Liminal Space between Things: Epiphany and the Physical Timothy Morton Coda: Open Closure A Diptych on
Herausgegeben von Serenella Iovino & Serpil Oppermann
Material Ecocriticism offers new ways to analyze language and reality, human and nonhuman life, mind and matter, without falling into well-worn paths of thinking. Bringing ecocriticism closer to the material turn, the contributions to this landmark volume focus on material forces and substances, the agency of things, processes, narratives and stories, and making meaning out of the world. This broad-ranging reflection on contemporary human experience and expression provokes new understandings of the planet to which we are intimately connected.
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