Sergei Gorlatch & Paraskevi Fragopoulou 
Grid Computing 
Achievements and Prospects

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Grid Computing: Achievements and Prospects, the 9th edited volume of the Core GRID series, includes selected papers from the Core GRID Integration Workshop, held April 2008 in Heraklion-Crete, Greece. This event brings together representatives of the academic and industrial communities performing Grid research in Europe. The workshop was organized in the context of the Core GRID Network of Excellence in order to provide a forum for the presentation and exchange of views on the latest developments in grid technology research.

Grid Computing: Achievements and Prospects is designed for a professional audience, composed of researchers and practitioners in industry. This volume is also suitable for graduate-level students in computer science.



Foreword.- Query Processing over the Grid: The Role of Workflow Management.- From Orc Models To Distributed Grid Java.- Using Cliques Of Nodes To Store Desktop Grid Checkpoints.- EDGe S: The Common Boundary Between Service And Desktop Grids.- P2P-based Job Assignment For Public Resource Computing.- Estimating The Size Of Peer-To-Peer Networks Using Lambert’s W Function.- Comparative Evaluation Of The Robustness Of DAG Scheduling Heuristics.- A Demand Driven Network Monitoring Architecture.- A Scalable Architecture For Discovery And Planning In P2P Service Networks.- Performance Visualization Of Grid Applications Based On OCM-G And Paraver.- ACHIEVEMENTS IN EUROPEAN RESEARCH ON GRID SYSTEMS.- Analysing Orchestrations Using Risk Profiles And Angel-Daemon Games.- Coordinated Data Management For DMMCA.- Grid Scheduling Architecture.- Dynamic Service-Based Integration Of Mobile Clusters In Grids.- Comparison Of Centralized And Decentralized Scheduling Algorithms Using.- GSSIM Simulation Environment.- A Data-Centric Security Analysis Of ICGrid.- A Framework For Resource Avaibility Characterization And Online Prediction In.- Large Scale Computational GRIDs.- A GRID Environment For Real-Time Multiplayer Online Games.- IANOS: An Intelligent Application Oriented Scheduling Framework.- For An HPCN Grid.- On Consistency Of Data In Structured Overlay Networks.- Loo Po-HOC: A Grid Component With Embedded Loop Parallelization.- Implementing Dynamic Querying Search In k-ary DHT-based Overlays.- Author Index.
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