Autor: Toben H. Mintz

Dani Byrd is Professor of Linguistics at the University ofSouthern California and a Research Affiliate of HaskinsLaboratories. She is a member of the Editorial Board on both theJournal of Phonetics and the Journal of the InternationalPhonetic Association, and has published widely on articulation, vocal tract imaging and prosody. Toben H. Mintz is Associate Professor ofPsychology and Linguistics at the University of SouthernCalifornia, where his research involves studies with infants, toddlers, and adults, as well as computer modelling. He is on theEditorial Board of Cognition.

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Dani Byrd & Toben H. Mintz: Discovering Speech, Words, and Mind
Written in a lively style, Discovering Speech, Words, and Mind applies a scientific approach to the study of variousaspects of speech, using everyday examples to introduce thebeginning student to the …