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PART I: THE ENGLISH-SPEAKING WESTERN ALLIANCE: AMERICA, GREAT BRITAIN, AND AUSTRALIA A Debate Delayed Is a Debate Denied: U.S. News Media Before the 2003 War With Iraq; W.A.Dorman Strange Bedfellows: The Emergence of the Al Qaeda - Baathist News Frame Prior to the 2003 Invasion of Iraq; S.Livingston & L.Robinson Their Morals are Ours: The American Media on the Doctrine of 'Preemptive War'; M.Piety & B.J.Foley The Whole World Is Watching, But So What? A Frame Analysis of Newspaper Coverage of Antiwar Protest; R.Bishop Postmodern War on Iraq (UK); P.Hammond Orientalism Revisited: The British Media and the Iraq War; J.Brown The War in Iraq: A View from Australia; D.V.Dimitrova Part II: THE WORLD IS TALKING Le Monde on a 'Likely' Iraq War (France); A.Obajtek-Kirkwood The Germans Protest: Still a Country of Pacifists? (Germany); S.Schlichting-Artur Shear and Opaque Screens: The Medical Ethnography of Arabic Television, a Phenomenological Quandary of Communal Memory, Suffering and Resistance; I.Roushdy-Hammady Their War or Our War: Whose War Is It Anyway? The Role of the Israeli Media Discourse Built-Up of a War Agenda; L.Mandelzis & C.Naveh Why the Russians Did Not Like It: A Frame Analysis of the Russian Television Coverage of the Coming of the 2003 War in Iraq; A.Nikolaev Clashing World Views: Coverage of the Prewar Iraqi Crisis in the Chinese Press; L.Mangione The Coverage of Debates on the Iraq War: A Case for Zimbabwe; S.Matenda Turn on, Tune in: Language of War in Iraq (Chile, Mexico and Spain); M.Matus-Mendoza
edited by E. Hakanen
A telling analysis of the pre-war media debate around the globe which set the stage for the 2003 Iraq war. By concentrating on the pre-war coverage, this group of scholars engages in a more open discussion of the issues than would take place during wartime, and uncovers the implications for each country's position on international concerns.
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'Leading to the 2003 Iraq War' by Alexander G. Nikolaev is a digital PDF ebook for direct download to PC, Mac, Notebook, Tablet, iPad, iPhone, Smartphone, eReader - but not for Kindle. A DRM capable reader equipment is required.

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