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1. Table of contents:Foreword by Sheila Jasanoff – to be confirmed Preface/Introduction by Ana Delgado.- Part 1: Governing Emerging Technologies Technolife: democracy, ethics and the governance of emerging science and technology Roger Strand and Silvio Funtowicz”The public spectre”: reflections on public engagement with technology in contemporary democracies Kim Sune Karrasch Jepsen, Ana Delgado, Margareta Bertilsson.- Part 2: Governing the human body (On body enhancement and modification technologies) Wired to freedom: the case of cochlear implant Kim Sune Karrasch Jepsen and Margareta Bertilsson The modification of the human body: Controversies Søren Holm New options and identities: human body enhancement in the narratives of science fiction Miquel Barceló and Louis Lemkow .- part3: Governing citizen’s movements (On biometrics, securitization and surveillance)The burden of security: Democracy, mobilities and securitization Kristrún Gunnarsdóttir Biometrics for surveillance: From identity verification to behaviour prediction Margit Sutrop, Katrin Laas-Mikko Introducing biometrics in the European Union: practice and imagination Kjetil Rommetveit .- part4:Governing space (On space technologies and new forms of visibility) Digital globes: Layers of meaning and technology redefining geographies and communities Kjetil Rommetveit, Ângela Guimarães Pereira, Tiago de Sousa Brilhante Emerging challenges of geographical information systems (GIS): Beyond professional ethics. Fanny Verrax Geoengineering: reflections on current debates Paula Curvelo and Ângela Guimarães Pereira Conclusion: Notes on alternative technoscientific citizenships Ana Delgado, Kjetil Rommetveit and Brian Wynne​.
edited by Ana Delgado
This book provides insights on how emerging technosciences come together with new forms of governance and ethical questioning. Combining science and technologies and ethics approaches, it looks at the emergence of three key technoscientific domains - body enhancement technologies, biometrics and technologies for the production of space -exploring how human bodies and minds, the movement of citizens and space become matters of technoscientific governance. The emergence of new and digital technologies pose new challenges for representative democracy and existing forms of citizenship. As citizens encounter and have to adapt to technological change in their everyday life, new forms of conviviality and contestation emerge. This book is a key reference for scholars interested in the governance of emerging technosciences in the fields of science and technology studies and ethics.  ​
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