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Introduction; B. Guy Peters and Philippe Zittoun.- Chapter 1. The Advocacy Coalition Framework: An Approach for the Comparative Analysis of Contentious Policy Issues; Christoper M. Weible and Hank C. Jenkins-Smith.- Chapter 2. Discursive Approaches to Public Policy: Politics, Argumentation and Deliberation; Anna Durnova, Frank Fischer and Philippe Zittoun.- Chapter 3. Institutionalism and Public Policy; B. Guy Peters.- Chapter 4. Institutions and the Policy Process 2.0: Implications of the IAD Framework; Eduardo Araral and Mulya Amri.- Chapter 5. The Transformation of Ideas: The Origin and Evolution of Punctuated Equilibrium Theory; Rebecca Eissler, Annelise Russell and Bryan D. Jones.- Chapter 6. Behavioural Approaches: How Nudges Lead to More Intelligent Policy Design; Peter John.- Chapter 7. Tools Approaches; Helen Margetts and Christopher Hood.- Chapter 8. Bounded Rationality and Garbage Can Models of Policy-Making; Nikolaos Zahariadis.- Conclusion. Public Policy Theory and Democracy: The Elephant in the Corner; Helen Ingram, Peter de Leon and Anne Schneider. 
edited by B. Guy Peters & Philippe Zittoun
This book considers a range of contemporary approaches to public policy studies.  These approaches are based on a number of theoretical perspectives on decision-making, as well as alternative perspectives on policy instruments and implementation. The range of approaches covered in the volume includes punctuated equilibrium models, the advocacy-coalition framework, multiple streams approaches, institutional analyses, constructivist approaches, behavioural models, and the use of instruments as an approach to public policy.  The volume concludes with a discussion of fundamental issues of democracy in public policy. 
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