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Acknowledgements ix

How to Use this Guide xi

Introduction 1

PART ONE: Understanding Your Finances 3

Chapter 1: Setting and Achieving Goals 5

Chapter 2: Where Are You Now? 19

Chapter 3: How to Save a Lot of Money! 31

Chapter 4: Income and Debt Management 53

PART TWO: Protecting Your Finances 71

Chapter 5: Benefits 73

Chapter 6: Risk and Living Insurance 93

Chapter 7: Life Insurance 107

PART THREE: Growing Your Finances 131

Chapter 8: Retirement and Estate Planning 133

Chapter 9: Investing 163

Chapter 10: Tax Planning 187

PART FOUR: Ensuring Financial Success 211

Chapter 11: Wills, Powers of Attorney, and Personal Care Directives 213

Chapter 12: Finding the Right Advisors 237
Conclusion 257

About the Employee Financial Education Division 259

Index 261

About the Author 273
Take control of your personal finances--one bite at atime

Getting your financial house in order is a big job. At first, you might even feel like you've bitten off more than you can chew.But don't give up! In How to Eat an Elephant, you'll gainvital understanding of important personal finance basics in justone day a month. Rather than tackle the beast in one bite, you'llmaster it a little bit at a time. Supported by online resources, tools, and reports, you'll complete fundamental tasks and gainfundamental understanding in an orderly and effective way.

With practical, easy-to-understand guidance, this book will showyou how to reduce your debt and save on interest; improve yourunderstanding of personal finance basics and gain new confidence;reduce stress and anxiety about your money; and use powerful onlinetools to organize all your financial information.
* Offers a structured, non-intimidating approach to personalfinance that can be mastered in four hours a month
* Covers vital topics like budgeting, life insurance, investmentproducts, retirement planning, wills and powers of attorney, andmuch more
* Written by Frank Wiginton, one of Canada's best-knownpersonal finance speakers and gurus

If it's time to take charge of your financial life, look nofurther. How to Eat an Elephant offers real solutions thatwill save you time, money, and headaches.
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6.7 MB
24 months after purchase
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John Wiley & Sons
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