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The curriculum of Quareia takes a magical apprentice from the beginning of magic to the level of adeptship and beyond in a long and detailed magical training course. Each book of lessons builds on the ones before it, so we suggest that you work with the books in sequence. The second section of the training, the Initiate section, is where the magician learns to apply and develop certain magical knowledge and skills, while also laying the foundation for the adept training. The Initiate section of the Quareia training consists of eighty one lessons spread across ten modules, with each module containing eight lessons, plus a final initiatory lesson. It is the most extensive, in-depth and intelligent up to date magical course that is currently available worldwide. Book seven covers modules three and four from the Initiate section of Quareia: Power Dynamics of Creation, and Birth, Death and the Underworld I. Quareia, the new school of magic for the 21st century, was a concept created by adepts Josephine Mc Carthy and Frater Acher; two European magicians with solid magical reputations in their respective fields. The curriculum of Quareia, written by Josephine Mc Carthy, takes a magical apprentice from the beginning of magic to the level of adeptship and beyond. Josephine Mc Carthy is a magical adept, teacher and author from the UK. Josephine has been teaching magic intensively for over twenty years in the USA and Europe, and her many books on magic include the Magical knowledge series.  
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'Quareia The Initiate' by Josephine McCarthy is a digital EPUB ebook for direct download to PC, Mac, Notebook, Tablet, iPad, iPhone, Smartphone, eReader - but not for Kindle. A DRM capable reader equipment is required.

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