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I. Preparation and Military Support for a Possible Bioterrorism Incident Department of Defense Capabilities Supporting Bioterrorism Response Anna Johnson-Winegar, Karl Semancik, Robert S. Borowski, Keith R. Vesely, Brenda Wyler, Matt Eussen, and John V. Wade Modeling for Bioterrorism Incidents Zygmunt F. Dembek Biological Weapons Defense: Effect Levels Ross D. Le Claire and M. Louise M. Pitt II. Medical Countermeasures and Decontamination Pathogenesis by Aerosol M. Louise M. Pitt and Ross D. Le Claire Bacillus anthracis and the Pathogenesis of Anthrax Dominique M. Missiakas and Olaf Schneewind Virologic and Pathogenic Aspects of the Variola Virus (Smallpox) as a Bioweapon Robert G. Darling, Timothy H. Burgess, James V. Lawler, and Timothy P. Endy Plague Vaccines: Retrospective Analysis and Future Developments Jeffrey J. Adamovicz and Gerard P. Andrews Medical Protection Against Brucellosis David L. Hoover and Richard H. Borschel Pathogenesis of and Immunity to Coxiella burnetii David M. Waag and Herbert A. Thompson Glanders: New Insights Into an Old Disease David M. Waag and David De Shazer Medical Countermeasures for Filoviruses and Other Viral Agents Alan Schmaljohn and Michael Hevey Medical Defense Against Protein Toxin Weapons: Review and Perspective Charles B. Millard Antimicrobials for Biological Warfare Agents Jon B. Woods Nonspecific Immunomodulator Therapy: Cp G D. G. Cerys Rees, Arthur M. Krieg, and Richard W. Titball Decontamination Robert J. Hawley and Joseph P. Kozlovac III. Emerging Threats and Future Preparation Definition and Overview of Emerging Threats Luther E. Lindler, Eileen Choffnes, and George W. Korch Department of Defense Global Emerging Infections System Programs in Biodefense Julie A. Pavlin and Patrick W. Kelley Information Resources and Database Development for Defense Against Biological Weapons Frank J. Lebeda, Murray Wolinsky, and Elliot J. Lefkowitz Genomic Efforts With Biodefense Pathogens Rekha Seshadri, Timothy D. Read, William C. Nierman, and Ian T. Paulsen Genomics for Biodefense: Exploiting the Francisella tularensis Genome Sequence Siv G. E. Andersson, Mats Forsman, Petra C. F. Oyston, and Richard W. Titball Genetic Fingerprinting of Biodefense Pathogens for Epidemiology and Forensic Investigation Luther E. Lindler, Xiao-Zhe Huang, May Chu, Ted L. Hadfield, and Michael Dobson Yersinia pestis as an Emerged Pathogen: What Lessons Can Be Learned? Luther E. Lindler IV. Diagnostic Development for Biowarfare Agents Requirements for Biological Threat Identification Systems Erik A. Henchal and George V. Ludwig DNA-Based Diagnostic Tests for Detection and Identification of Biological Weapons Luther E. Lindler, David Norwood, Michael Dobson, and Ted L. Hadfield Concepts for the Development of Immunodiagnostic Assays for Detection and Diagnosis of Biothreat Agents George V. Ludwig, Cynthia A. Rossi, and Robert L. Bull Index
edited by Luther E. Lindler & Frank J. Lebeda
In 2003, the President’s budget for bioterrorism defense totalled more than $5 billion. Today, the nation’s top academic scientists are scrambling to begin work to understand Bacillus anthracis and develop new vaccines and drugs. However, just five years ago, only the US Department of Defense (DOD) seemed concerned about these “exotic” agents. In 1997, the DOD spent approximately $137 million on biodefense to protect the deployed force, while academe, industry, local governments, and most of our federal leadership was oblivious to, and in some cases doubtful of, the seriousness of the threat. The National Institutes of Health (NIH) received the largest budget increase in the organization’s history. Fortunately, during this time of national urgency, a sound base exists on which to build our defenses against this new threat. A relatively small cadre of dedicated scientists within the US Army Medical Research and Materiel Command (USAMRMC) laid this foundation over the past 20 years.
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