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Preface.- 1. General Aspects.- Nanoscaled materials: A brief introduction; R. Kassing, W. Kulisch.- 2. Basic Properties of Nanoscaled Materials.- 2.1. Electrical Properties.- Electronic Properties and characterization of disordered semiconductors; J. Marshall.- A computer modeling study of hopping transport and variable range hopping in disordered soils; J. Marshall.- Electrode-limited currents in thin ternary chalcogenide films; P. Petkov.- 2.2. Optical Properties.- A short survey of optical properties of metal nanostructures; U. Kreibig.- 2.3. Mechanical Properties.- Nanocomposite thin films with improved mechanical properties; W. Kulisch.- 3. Techniques and Methods.- 3.1. Preparation of Nanoscaled Materials.- Fabrication of nanostructures; R. Kassing.- 3.1.1. Bulk Materials.- Optical properties of metal nanoparticles formed by ion implantation and modified by laser annealing; A.L. Stepanov.- Synthesis procedures of nanocomposites from gels; J.-C. Pivin.- Phase separation and crystallization in high iron containing borosilicate glasses; R. Harizanova et al.- Nanocomposites based on immiscible borate glasses; V. Ivanova et al.- Investigation of the microstructure of polypropylene composites filled with wood flour modified with monochloracetic acid; D. Dobreva et al.- 3.1.2. Thin Films.- Physics of deposition of hydroxyapatite layers by pulse laser deposition method; W. Mroz.- Laser deposition of waveguiding films; M. Jelinek.- Functionalized thin films and structures obtained by novel laser processing approaches; R. Cristescu et al.- 3.2. Characterization of Nanoscaled Materials.- Nanostructured films on silicon surfaces; P. Morgen et al.- On the origin of impurities in the window layers of Cs Te/Cd S solar cells; M. Emziane et al.- 4. Nanoscaled Thin Films.- 4.1. Carbon and Related Materials.- Deposition, characterization and application of nanocrystalline diamond films; W. Kulisch, C. Popov.- Nano-scale, multi-functional, cubic boron nitride coatings; S. Ulrichet al.- Nanocrystalline cubic boron nitride films; R. Freudenstein, W. Kulisch.- Boron nitride thin layers prepared using a krypton fluoride excimer laser; R. Kosydar et al.- 4.2. Silicon-Based Films.- Metal induced crystallization – an advanced method for polycrystalline Si film preparation; D. Dimova-Malinovska.- Modication of the optical and structural properties of a-Si1-x Cx: H films by ion implantation; D. Dimova-Malinovska.- Application of stain etched porous silicon in solar cells and light emitting diodes; D. Dimova-Malinovska.- Structural properties of poly-Si thin films on Zn O:Al coated glass substrates obtained by aluminium induced crystallization in different atmospheres; V. Grigorov et al.- 4.3. Oxide Films.- CVD-transition metal oxide films as functional layers in 'smart windows' and X-ray mirrors; K. Gesheva et al.- Plasma assisted deposition of tungsten oxide / silicon oxide multilayer films with sub-nanometer single layers; F. Hamelmann et al.- Electrical and polarization properties of nanosized Zr O2 on polycrystalline silicon; P.V. Aleksandrova et al.- Characterization of optical coatings for artwork protection by means of neutron reflectometry; I. Di Sarcina et al.- Functional nanostructured metal oxide thin films for applications in optical gas detection; G. Socol et al.- 4.4. Further Systems.- Structural characterization of Er: YAG thin films grown by pulsed laser deposition; D. Stanoi et al.- Optical behavior of vacuum deposited amorphous and nano-crystalline As2S3 films before and after irradiation; J. Dikova et al.- On the determination of the optical constants of very thin metallic films; P. Gushterova et al.- 5. Special Nanostructures: Fullerenes, Nanotube, Nanowires.- Nanostructured carbon materials; C. Popov.- Encapsulates: [email protected] and [email protected] for drug delivery systems and contrast elements, study of structure, chemical composition and magnetic properties; M.J. Wozniak et al.-
edited by Rainer Kassing & Plamen Petkov

This book, based on the lectures and contributions of the NATO ASI on 'Functional Properties of Nanostructured Materials', gives a broad overview on its topic, as it combines basic theoretical articles, papers dealing with experimental techniques, and contributions on advanced and up-to-date applications in fields such as microelectronics, optoelectronics, electrochemistry, sensorics, and biotechnology.

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