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Introduction: The Money Pit.

Part One: The Commercial Real Estate Money Pit.

1 The $500 Billion Black Hole.

2 What Every Executive Needs to Know About Low-Bid Contracting.

3 From Fragmentation to Integration.

Part Two: Making the Mindshift.

4 Working the Mindshift.

5 What Does a Trust-Based Project Look Like?

Part Three: Nine Transforming Keys to Lowering Cost, Cutting Waste, and Driving Change in a Broken Industry.

6 Key 1: Trust-Based Team Formation.

7 Key 2: Early Collaboration.

8 Key 3: Built-In Sustainability.

9 Key 4: Transformational Leadership.

10 Key 5: 'Big' BIM.

11 Key 6: Integrating Project Delivery.

12 Key 7: Trust-Based Agreements and Client-Centered Incentives.

13 Key 8: Offsite Construction.

14 Key 9: Workplace Productivity.

Appendix 1: Mindshift Core Team.

Appendix 2: Mindshift Advisors.

Appendix 3: Recommended Reading.

Appendix 4: Website Resources and Links.

Appendix 5: Mapping the Future.



As it currently operates, the commercial real estate constructionindustry is a disaster full of built-in waste. Seventy-percent ofall projects end over budget and late. The building SMART Allianceestimates that up to fifty-percent of the process is consumed inwaste. Almost every project includes massive hidden taxes in theform of delays, cost overruns, poor quality, and work that has tobe redone. Building new structures is a fragmented, adversarialprocess that commonly results in dissatisfied customers andfrequently ends in disappointment, bitterness, and even litigation.

The industry must change--for its own good and that of itscustomers. But while the industry has tried to reform itself, itcan't do it alone. Real change can only come from businessowners and executives who refuse to continue paying for adysfunctional system and demand a new way of doing business.

The Commercial Real Estate Revolution is a bold manifestofor change from the Mindshift consortium--a group of topcommercial real estate industry leaders who are fed up with asystem that simply doesn't work. The book explains howbusiness leaders can implement nine principles for any project thatwill dramatically cut costs, end delays, create better buildings, and force the industry into real reform.

The Commercial Real Estate Revolution offers a radicallynew way of doing business--a beginning-to-end, trust-basedmethodology that transforms the building process from top tobottom. Based on unifying principles and a common framework thatmeets the needs of all stakeholders, this new system canreform and remake commercial construction into an industrywe're proud to be a part of.

If you're one of the millions of hardcore cynics who workin commercial construction, you probably think this sounds like piein the sky. But this is no magic bullet; it's a call for realreform. If you're an industry professional who's sickof letting down clients or an owner who's sick of costoverruns and endless delays, The Commercial Real Estate Revolution offers a blueprint for fixing a broken industry.
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