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Preface.- Introduction to Mobile M-Health Systems: Ubiquitous M-Health Systems and the Convergence towards 4G Mobile Technologies.- The Efficacy of the M-Health Paradigm: Incorporating Technological, Organizational and Managerial Perspectives.- Wireless Intelligent Sensors.- Wireless Technologies for Healthcare Applications.- Wireless Communication Technologies for Mobile Healthcare Applications: Experiences and Evaluations of Security Related Issues.- Secure Mobile Health Systems: Principles and Solutions.- Computational and Wireless Modeling for Collaborative Virtual Medical Teams.- Smart Mobile Applications for Health Professionals: Section Overview.- The Memo Project: An Accompanying Measure for Medical Mobile Devices.- Medical Natural Language Processing Enhancing Drug Ordering and Coding.- Mobi-Dev: Mobile Devices for Healthcare Applications.- Wardinhand.- DOCMEM-Mobile Access to Electronic Health Records.- Smartie: Smart Medical Applications Repository of Tools for Informed Expert Decision.- Telemedicine as a New Possibility to Improve Health Care Delivery.- Mobihealth: Mobile Health Services Based on Body Area Networks.- Mobihealth: Mobile Services for Health Professionals.- DITIS: A Collaborative Virtual Medical Team for Home Healthcare of Cancer Patients.- Future Challenges and Recommendations.- Signal, Image and Video Compression for M-Health Application: Section Overview.- Biosignals and Compression Standards.- Resilient ECG Wavelet Coding for Wireless Real-Time Telecardiology Applications.- The JPEG2000 Image Compression Standard in Health Systems.- Compression of Volumetric Date in Mobile Health Systems.- An Overview of Digital Video Compression for Mobile Health Systems.- Future Challenges and Recommendations.- Emergency Health Care Systems and Services: Section Overview.- ECG Telecare: Past, Present, and Future.- Medical Aspects of Prehospital Cardiac Telecare.- An Emergency Telemedicine System Based on Wireless Communication Technology: A Case Study.- Application of Mobile Communication Techniques for Emergency Telemedicine.- Future Challenges and Recommendations.- Echography Systems and Services: Section Overview.- Mobile Tele-Echography Systems: Teleinvivo – A Case Study.- A Tele-Operated Robotic System for Mobile Tele-Echography: The Otelo Project.- User Interface Environment and Image Communication in Mobile Tele-Echography.- Object-Based Ultrasound Video Processing for Wireless Transmission in Cardiology.- Future Challenges and Recommendations.- Remote and Home Monitoring: Section Overview.- Civilian Telemedicine in Remote and Extreme Environments.- Telematic Requirements for Emergency and Disaster Response Derived from Enterprise Models.- Telematic Support for Disaster Situations.- Remote Monitoring for Healthcare and for Safety in Extreme Environments.- Chronic Patient’s Management: the COPD Example.- A Mobile Telemedicine Workspace for Diabetes Management.- Mobile Management and Prescription of Medication.- Future Challenges and Recommendations.- Author Index.- Keyword Index.
edited by Robert Istepanian & Swamy Laxminarayan

M-health can be defined as the ‘emerging mobile communications and network technologies for healthcare systems.' This book paves the path toward understanding the future of m-health technologies and services and also introducing the impact of mobility on existing e-health and commercial telemedical systems. M-Health: Emerging Mobile Health Systems presents a new and forward-looking source of information that explores the present and future trends in the applications of current and emerging wireless communication and network technologies for different healthcare scenaria. It also provides a discovery path on the synergies between the 2.5G and 3G systems and other relevant computing and information technologies and how they prescribe the way for the next generation of m-health services. The book contains 47 chapters, arranged in five thematic sections: Introduction to Mobile M-health Systems, Smart Mobile Applications for Health Professionals, Signal, Image, and Video Compression for M-health Applications, Emergency Health Care Systems and Services, Echography Systems and Services, and Remote and Home Monitoring. This book is intended for all those working in the field of information technologies in biomedicine, as well as for people working in future applications of wireless communications and wireless telemedical systems. It provides different levels of material to researchers, computing engineers, and medical practitioners interested in emerging e-health systems. This book will be a useful reference for all the readers in this important and growing field of research, and will contribute to the roadmap of future m-health systems and improve the development of effective healthcare delivery systems.

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