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Preface Acknowledgments Part I. Developing a Framework 1. Understanding Environmental Policy2. A Framework for Understanding Environmental Policy Part II. Applying the Framework3. Why New York City Can't Take Out the Garbage4. Why Companies Let Valuable Gasoline Leak Out of Underground Tanks5. Have We Learned How to Clean Up Toxic Waste Sites, and Can We Afford It?6. Have We Made the Planet Warmer, and If We Have, How Can We Stop?Part III. Critiquing the Framework7. What Have We Learned from the Framework About Environmental Problems, and What Else Do We Need to Know?8. Conclusions: Improving Environmental Policy References Index
In Understanding Environmental Policy, Steven Cohen introduces an innovative, multidimensional framework for developing effective environmental policy within the United States and around the world. He demonstrates his approach through an analysis of four case studies representing current local, national, and international environmental challenges: New York City's garbage crisis; the problem of leaks from underground storage units; toxic waste contamination and the Superfund program; and global climate change. He analyzes the political, scientific, technological, organizational, and moral import of these environmental issues and the nature of the policy surrounding them. He also places a specific focus on the response from the George W. Bush administration. Cohen considers how our current environmental policy and problems reflect the value we place on our ecosystems; whether science and technology can solve the environmental problems they create; and what policy is necessary to reduce environmentally damaging behaviors. Cohen's multifaceted approach is essential reading for analysts, managers, activists, students, and scholars of environmental policy.
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