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Introduction 1

Part I: Getting to Know Beagles 7

Chapter 1: Beagles and You: Made for Each Other? 9

Chapter 2: The Incredible, Lovable Beagle 21

Chapter 3: Gonna Find Me a Beagle 33

Chapter 4: Choosing Your Beagle Soul Mate 47

Part II: Starting Life with Your Beagle 59

Chapter 5: Preparing for Your Beagle's Arrival 61

Chapter 6: Welcoming Your Beagle Home 79

Chapter 7: Beginning a Beautiful Friendship 91

Part III: Caring for Your Beagle 105

Chapter 8: Feeding Your Beagle 107

Chapter 9: Getting Physical: Exercising Your Beagle 121

Chapter 10: Sprucing Up Your Beagle 131

Chapter 11: Managing Your Beagle's Day-to-Day Health147

Chapter 12: Dealing with Health Issues 163

Chapter 13: Traveling (or Not) with Your Beagle 179

Part IV: Training Your Beagle 191

Chapter 14: Housetraining Your Beagle 193

Chapter 15: Schooling Your Beagle 207

Chapter 16: Rehabbing the Delinquent Beagle 223

Part V: The Part of Tens 235

Chapter 17: Ten Ways to Keep Your Beagle Healthy and Happy237

Chapter 18: Ten Mistakes You Don't Need to Make with Your Beagle 243

Chapter 19: Ten Unique Beagle Occupations and Activities 249

Appendix: Wanna Know More? Additional Resources 253

Index 257
Beagles are an extraordinary breed--no bones about it.They're cute, compact, fun-loving, and great with kids. (Notto mention those soulful eyes!) But their sense of humor, independence, and stubborn nature isn't for everyone. Sowhether you're thinking about getting your very own Snoopy-dog, or if you've already opened your heart and hometo one, Beagles for Dummies answers important questionslike:
* What are Beagles supposed to look like and how should theybehave?
* Should I choose a puppy or an adult dog? Male or female?
* How do I correct my Beagle's behavior problems?
* What do I need to do to survive my Beagle'spuppyhood?
* How can I Beagle-proof my house to keep him (and my stuff)safe?
* What should I teach my Beagle to do? How do I teach him?
* What health problems is my Beagle likely to have whenhe's young? How about when he grows up--or getsold?

Life with these little hounds can lead to years of merriment, entertainment, and love--but if you think Beagles are justanother hound dog, think again! Whether you want to know everythingthere is to living with a Beagle, or just want to skip to arelevant subject (like how to keep him out of the hamper), Beagles for Dummies gives you everything you need to chooseand raise your Snoopy soul mate.
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