Josh Verbae 
The Golden Goose 

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Portada de Josh Verbae: The Golden Goose (ePUB)
There was once a man who had three sons, the youngest of whom was called the Simpleton. He was laughed at and despised and neglected on all occasions. Now it happened one day that the eldest son wanted to go into the forest, to hew wood, and his Mother gave him a beautiful cake to take with him, so that he might not suffer from hunger…
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Idioma Inglés ● Formato EPUB ● Páginas 42 ● ISBN 9781910660386 ● Tamaño de archivo 2.7 MB ● Editor Josh Verbae ● Editorial Sovereign ● Publicado 2015 ● Descargable 24 meses ● Divisa EUR ● ID 3733617 ● Protección de copia Adobe DRM
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