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Kong Shiwu 
Promotion of Crown Princess 

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Couverture du Kong Shiwu: Promotion of Crown Princess (ePUB)

The girl Tang Erbing was selected as a candidate for Crown Princess by Crown Prince Fu Chengze who had peculiar aesthetics due to her ugly appearance. Unexpectedly, the Crown Prince’s temperament was even stranger. He set up an internship period for Crown Princess. Only when the internship period expired can she become the true Crown Princess. After entering the Eastern Palace, poor Erbing soon fell into disfavor due to a food poisoning incident and was appointed as "Director-in-Chief" of the palace. On her way of serving as Eunuch Director, she found that she can not only take liberties with stern-faced general, but also make all manner of quips and jokes with the young prince. However, Crown Prince was unhappy. He said that he would shift her position to serve him closely. She didn’t want to serve him closely… On the way of being promoted to Crown Princess, Tang Erbing found that she really fell in love with the yandere Crown Prince as they got along with each other. While hiding her joy, she was deeply contradictory. She was burdened with unspeakable hatred. Tang Erbing came to revenge for the Tang family. She changed her appearance and made stratagems step by step. She vowed to eradicate the persons who framed the Tang family one by one. Fu Chengze was fully aware of her impure motives. However, he cannot part with Erbing…
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Langue Chinois ● Format EPUB ● ISBN 9787221144805 ● Maison d’édition CNPeReading ● Publié 2018 ● Téléchargeable 3 fois ● Devise EUR ● ID 6953331 ● Protection contre la copie Adobe DRM
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