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Noah Matthews 

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Couverture du Noah Matthews: Years (ePUB)
Sixteen-year-old Nathan Conley has been convicted of manslaughter; he has been sentenced to serve five to fifteen years of his life behind bars. With no friends or family on the inside to help keep him safe, he must manage prison life all alone. All the while, he worries whether or not his father, with cancer, will still be alive when his time has been served. But there are bigger concerns Nathan must confront. The biggest problems being if he’s built for what it takes to survive a world of hate, isolation, lack of hope, and the ability to conquer adversity. And if he breaks, there’s no guarantee he will survive.
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Format EPUB ● Pages 288 ● ISBN 9781645753391 ● Maison d’édition Austin Macauley Publishers ● Publié 2021 ● Téléchargeable 3 fois ● Devise EUR ● ID 7787321 ● Protection contre la copie Adobe DRM
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