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Hung Hing Ming 
Ten States, Five Dynasties, One Great Emperor 

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Hoes van Hung Hing Ming: Ten States, Five Dynasties, One Great Emperor (ePUB)
Drawn from Chinese classics of history, Hing Ming Hung’s biographies introduce China’s most emblematic historical figures and the cultural attributes fostered by China’s ancient chronicles. This book is about one of the greatest emperors in Chinese history, Zhao Kuang Yin, Emperor Taizu of the Song Dynasty (960-1279). He is honored for having unified China in the extremely chaotic period of ‘Five Dynasties and Ten States’A
Formaat EPUB ● Pagina’s 220 ● ISBN 9781628940749 ● Uitgeverij Algora Publishing ● Gepubliceerd 2014 ● Downloadbare 3 keer ● Valuta EUR ● ID 5379123 ● Kopieerbeveiliging Adobe DRM
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