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Mantri Pragada Markandeyulu 
Animal Stories for Kids and Teens 

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Обложка Mantri Pragada Markandeyulu: Animal Stories for Kids and Teens (ePUB)

About the Book: These stories are mostly animal related stories meant for kids and teens. Also these stories could be told as Bed Time stories. These stories are most useful for animated videos making. The author has written these stories by virtue of his experience. All these stories are elaborative ones.
These stories could well be applauded by all the children and teens from the world countries. The author of this book has written many books published with ISBN Nos.

About the Author: Mantri Pragada Markandeyulu, Bachelor of Commerce (B Com), Diploma in Business Management (DBM), Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications (PGDCA), Diploma in Computer and Commercial Practice (DCCP) is the Author and Writer.
He has written English Lyrics for making fully composed tunes to Songs, around 155 songs (lyrics) + 330 Quotes in English (each Quote is in 8-10 lines). Also, he has written 400 Micro Poetry. He too has written Hindi Song Lyrics 35 and Telugu Song Lyrics 45 and all are useful and utility for Movies/TV serial purpose and also for making Song and Music Album. 25 Stories in English. 200 Sayings. 
He is a retired Officer from PSU and a permanent resident of Hyderabad-500062 Dist: Rachakonda, (TS) India. 
His special ebooks are, (1) ENTANGLEMENTS (consists of 20 short stories in English) (2) MARK’S QUOTES (325 quotes) (3) THE DEAD, DOCTOR AND THE GHOST (For Movie/TV serial purpose) (4) NGO (Systems and Procedures), (5) My Flower to your Heart {Lady Police}, Derailed Mission, My Darling, Wings of Love, Fraudulent Husband, Shattered Affection, What I can do in my life, etc.  And other Short stories, What I can do in my life, etc.  And other Short stories, all useful for making movies. All useful for making movies. Two Telugu Stories (1) Top Cop Rani, IPS (Telugu) (2) Jeevam Story (Telugu) are ready for publishing. English Stories Lady Police and the Dead, Doctor and The Ghost, are useful for Movie making purpose. 
He is an Honorary Doctorate in Literature from ITMUT Brazil. 
He is an Awardee by the ROYAL SUCCESS INTERNATIONAL BOOK OF RECORDS AWARD during February 2020. 
He received many Poetic certificates frim Global Poetic groups. 
He is a Peace Ambassador And TWPF/BTYA, Bangladesh. He is the Founder of POETIC CHARMINAR GROUP (Literary, Arts, Cultural, Poetic and Research Academy) 
My work is in 15 International Websites. 
I am a Member in 400+ FB Poetic Groups

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