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Brian Jay Nelson 
The Unexpected Journey

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Örtmek Brian Jay Nelson: Branchview (ePUB)

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Steven Spencer paranormal novelist is beckoned to the Branchview Estate after receiving a mysterious message on his computer screen. Once there, he is confronted with some hidden secrets, thereby forcing him to bring Loraine Spencer, his lovely wife, to the estate. Soon after the Spencer’s arrival, they found themselves entangled in the family’s centuries-old struggle with witchcraft, and a Satanic cult called the Secret Society. When two witches return from the dead intending to destroy the Branch family and steal their fortune, all hell breaks loose. Steven soon discovers he is the illegitimate child of the matriarch Penelope Locke Branch.

The couple seeks outside help from Loraine’s mentor Dr. Sheila Grayson, who is a Grand Witch of White Magic, and they find unexpected help from the immortal mermaid goddess Amphitrite, who oversees her aquatic kingdom from the nearby beach at Lighthouse Point. She in return is forced to take on the human guise of Dr. Amy Seagraves; where she learns the secret to the death of her lost love Mathew Branch. 

In the Sequel to ‘The Unexpected Journey’ behind the scenes is a larger plot by the Secret Society to overthrow the U.S. Government and eventually establish a World Rule. This sets the wheels in motion for an inevitable ‘The Epic Showdown’ on the expansive grounds at Branchview. One in which the forces of good and evil supernaturally clash on the heels of a massive Hurricane brewing offshore in the Atlantic.

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Chapter One: Lockeport Harbor, Connecticut Autumn 2018 6

Chapter Two: The Adventure Begins 21

Chapter Three: Veil of Darkness  

Chapter Four: Back in Florida  

Chapter Five: My Mother  

Chapter Six: The Mysterious Ms. Darknight  

Chapter Seven: An Apparition  

Chapter Eight: The Mysterious Message  

Chapter Nine: The Carriage House Secrets  

Chapter Ten: We are Being Watched  

Chapter Eleven: I Love that Old Clock  

Chapter Twelve: Uncle Jack  

Chapter Thirteen: Gulf Breezes  

Chapter Fourteen: The Mermaid Inn  

Chapter Fifteen: Silent Night  

Chapter Sixteen: The Decoy  

Chapter Seventeen: Shady Characters  

Chapter Eighteen: Dark Silhouettes  

Chapter Nineteen: The Departure  

Chapter Twenty: A Black Cat  

Chapter Twenty-One: A Maniac Strikes  

Chapter Twenty-Two: The Arrival  

Chapter Twenty-Three: Dawn’s Light  

Chapter Twenty-Four: Overseeing His Ocean Kingdom  

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Brian was born and raised in Erie Pennsylvania, and has been involved in some capacity of writing since a very young age. After graduating from Penn State University, he lived several years in North Carolina and then Florida, where he presently resides. His accomplishments cover a wide spectrum from writing Psychology Textbooks, several essays on Metaphysics, articles on health and fitness, songwriting, and screenplays. He is also the author of The Balanced Journey, a common sense guide to living from a Spiritual and Metaphysical point of view. (Amazon Publishing, 2012).
In 2017, he retired from FedEx after 21 years of service, and began a new career as a script doctor for the movie industry. He is also very active in Historic Preservation, causes that support our Military Veterans, a fan of Classic Rock Music, and is an avid fitness enthusiast.
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