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Known as The Voice of Hair Loss™, Ms. Gibson is the leading Personal Hair Loss Consultant in the country and one of the most innovative wig designers for women suffering from this condition. As the founder of CreatedHair.com and Salons, she has created a company for women to turn to for elegant stylish solutions and guidance. She addresses the concerns of women and children globally who are living with the effects of hair loss as well as those who are seeking to regain their appearance, self esteem and radiant healthfulness. Referred to in the Los Angeles Daily News as “a woman on a crusade”, Ms. Gibson”s innovative and resilient spirit that led her to find solutions in her own life resulted in her creating an International wig line and the First Women”s Swim Wig which allows water to flow right through it without releasing from the scalp. And once again offering women a sense of real freedom. This innovative design was specifically designed to look, feel and move just like human hair, Her feather weight designs like The Water Wig are made for the active woman and for those going through cancer treatment.. Aside from her passion to assist women and children going through hair loss from a variety of medical conditions, her diverse celebrity clients who desire one of her exquisite looks to transform them in seconds range from dignitaries such as the Crown Prince and Princess of Saudi Arabia, to the many celebrities who have graced the red carpet in Amy”s beautiful wig designs.Ms. Gibson”s newest design: The ResQ Bag® is The First Carryall for Wigs and Extensions. This unique patented design w/ 13 accessories specifically fills a special need for women who want to keep their discretion. No other product of this nature exists in the hair replacement, extensions, fashion wigs or accessory market.Ms. Gibson has spoken openly in the press and before the State Legislature of California in her efforts to bring attention to the issues surrounding hair loss for the millions of women and present viable solutions.Ms. Gibson is one of the most sought-after female hair loss consultants in the U.S., and is regularly asked to share her story in the national media. Her many media appearances on television shows include FOX NIGHTLY NEWS, NBC NIGHTLY NEWS, CNN, ABC NEWS, ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT, THE TODAY SHOW, THE BALANCING ACT, GOOD DAY LA, THE INSIDER, THE TYRA BANKS SHOW, and quoted in publications including PEOPLE MAGAZINE, and WOMAN”S DAY. She is an accomplished public speaker. She continues on her mission to touch the heart and soul of every woman and child living with hair loss.

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Gibson Amy: Sex, Wigs and Whispers
Emmy Nominated Soap Opera Star,  Amy Gibson,  International Wig Designer, Leading Personal Hair Loss Consultant and ‘The Voice of Hair Loss, has been living with hair loss for 25 years, and has …