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Steven WinterHawk 

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Örtmek Steven WinterHawk: Alice (ePUB)
Whats your name? Is it Susie or Sam? This line from an early rock song can aptly describe the question that is the driving force for the young boy in this book. He is taken to a residential school, where his name and identity are stolen from him. In this school, he is given a name that is not his own and is forced to forget his native language and culture. In this school, however, he is contacted by a spirit who helps him learn the language of the stars. She tells the boy her name is Alice.

The stone people said:

In the beginning of my peoples story
The first creation was stone
The Great Spirit with mystery in mind
Impregnated this stone with life
Knowing full and well that water,
Music, and muse
Would crack open the stone
And set Great Spirits fire free

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Stephen Laforme is a Status Indian – a member of the Mississaugas of the Credit. He was born in Hagersville Ontario located on the Eastern edge of the New Credit Reserve in Canada. He moved to Toronto to pursue his Dreams in the former lands of his ancestors at the age of 19. WinterHawk is one of his Spirit names – given to Stephen in those Dreams.
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