Daniel Wentland 
Knowing the Truth about Education 

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The truth is often hard to face, but if educators and politicians continue to avoid the realities associated with the educational process, then enormous amounts of time and energy will continue to be spent chasing a variety of educational illusions. Daniel Wentland meshes economics, psychology, philosophy, and common sense in proposing a pathway for leaders to follow if they really want to improve education in America.
The information in this book moves the educational process off the nowhere track and onto the reality track where the educational system can become an effective mechanism for improving learning. Wentland’s blueprint for change is one that needs to be listened to by education policy makers and practitioners everywhere. The question now becomes, who wants to see reality?



Chapter 1 – The useless versus the useful politician
Chapter 2 – Education is not the input/output model of business
Chapter 3 – Yes, there is a right and wrong
Chapter 4 – The wrong paradigm: traditional schools versus charter schools
Chapter 5 – Lacking a love for learning
Chapter 6 – Students are part of the problem
Chapter 7 – Bad teachers
Chapter 8 – The myth about maximizing student learning
Chapter 9 – A disconnection in the educational pipeline
Chapter 10 – Getting education right isn’t rocket science, but many make it that way

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Daniel Wentland is the author of Reality & Education: A New Direction for Educational Policy, Organizational Performance in a Nutshell, Strategic Training: Putting Employees First and Is Your Organization a Great Place to Work? His articles have been published in the Ivey Business Journal, Compensation and Benefits Review, and Education- the oldest education journal in the United States.

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