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Edgar Grande & Ulrich Beck 
Cosmopolitan Europe 

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Cover of Edgar Grande & Ulrich Beck: Cosmopolitan Europe (ePUB)
Europe is Europe’s last remaining realistic political utopia.But Europe remains to be understood and conceptualized. Thishistorically unique form of international community cannot beexplained in terms of the traditional concepts of politics and thestate, which remain trapped in the straightjacket of methodologicalnationalism. Thus, if we are to understand cosmopolitan Europe, wemust radically rethink the conventional categories of social andpolitical analysis.

Just as the Peace of Westphalia brought the religious civil warsof the seventeenth century to an end through the separation ofchurch and state, so too the separation of state and nationrepresents the appropriate response to the horrors of the twentiethcentury. And just as the secular state makes the exercise ofdifferent religions possible, so too cosmopolitan Europe mustguarantee the coexistence of different ethnic, religious andpolitical forms of life across national borders based on theprinciple of cosmopolitan tolerance.

The task the authors have set themselves in this book is nothingless than to rethink Europe as an idea and a reality. It representsan attempt to understand the process of Europeanization in light ofthe theory of reflexive modernization and thereby to redefine it atboth the theoretical and the political level.

This book completes Ulrich Beck’s trilogy on’cosmopolitan realism’, the volumes of which complementeach other and can be read independently. It is essential readingfor anyone interested in the key social and political developmentsof our time.
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Table of Content


Chapter 1: Introduction: The European Malady and Why the Idea of a Cosmopolitan Europe Could Evolve.

Chapter 2: The Reflexive Modernization of Europe.

Chapter 3: The Cosmopolitan Empire: The State and Power in the Case of Europeanization.

Chapter 4: Europe’s Social Arena: On the Variable Dynamic of her Borders.

Chapter 5: Strategies for the Cosmopolitanization of Europe.

Chapter 6: Diversity and Acceptance: Pan-European Social Conflict and the Political Dynamic.

Chapter 7: On the Dialectics of Globalization and Europeanization:Without Oppositions to a Cosmopolitan Europe.

Chapter 8: A Cosmopolitan Vision for Europe.


About the author

U. Beck, Professor of Sociology, Ludwig-Maximillian University of Munich
Language English ● Format EPUB ● Pages 328 ● ISBN 9780745694597 ● File size 1.6 MB ● Publisher John Wiley & Sons ● Published 2014 ● Downloadable 24 months ● Currency EUR ● ID 3446223 ● Copy protection Adobe DRM
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