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Gabriele Anderl & Linda Erker 
Internment Refugee Camps 
Historical and Contemporary Perspectives

How did and does the fate of refugees unfold in internment camps? The contributors facilitate an extensive engagement with the organized, state led, and forced placement of refugees in the past and present. They show the parallels and differences between the practices and types of internment in different countries – while considering the specific historical contexts. Moreover, they highlight the nexus of relationships and agencies which constitute the camps in question as transitory spaces. The contributions consist of analyses of local phenomena or case studies as well as comparative engagements from an international and/or historical perspective.
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About the author

Gabriele Anderl (Dr.) is a freelance researcher, writer and journalist in Vienna. She worked for the Austrian Historical Commission and is a member of the Austrian Commission for Provenance Research and Vice-President of the Austrian Society for Exile Research (öge). She published numerous academic works in the field of contemporary history and writes for Austrian and foreign print media as well as the Austrian broadcast. Prizes she has received in the past include the Käthe Leichter Prize (1994), Leon Zelman Prize for Dialogue and Understanding (2016) and Preis der Stadt Wien für Publizistik (2020, City of Vienna Prize for publications).
Linda Erker (Dr.) is a historian and postdoc researcher at the Department of Contemporary History at Universität Wien. In her postdoc project she focuses on the migration of knowledge and the migration of scientists from Austria to Latin America between 1930 und 1970 (especially to Argentina and Chile). Her research areas include the history of persecution and migration, the history of science in Austria and Spain (20th century), comparative perspectives on fascism, ideological continuities of political caesurae in Austria (1933/1938/1945/1955), Public History and the culture of remembrance in Austria and Germany after 1945.
Christoph Reinprecht is a professor for sociology at Universität Wien and president of the Österreichische Gesellschaft für Exilforschung (Austrian Society for Exile Research). His research interests are migration and city, social inequality and political sociology as well as the history of sociology, in particular the constitution of the social field of empirical sociology in Vienna.
Language English ● Format PDF ● Pages 340 ● ISBN 9783839459270 ● Editor Gabriele Anderl & Linda Erker ● Publisher transcript Verlag ● City Bielefeld ● Country DE ● Published 2022 ● Edition 1 ● Downloadable 24 months ● Currency EUR ● ID 7938288 ● Copy protection Social DRM

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