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Greg Haslam 
Cover to Cover Every Day 

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1 Kings – Greg Haslam Greg Haslam takes us through 1 Kings, which along with 2 Kings he says makes sense of the Babylonian invasion and exile of 587 BC. This biblical history is ‘full of insight, hindsight and foresight, it reveals patterns that are both descriptive and prescriptive for all time’. We are warned that nations decline as their lives are corrupted by idolatry – yet encouraged as we see God’s mercy, and challenged as we see how God’s purposes advance even through events we cannot explain.1 Corinthians – Ian Coffey Ian Coffey shows us how relevant and up-to-date 1 Corinthians is for us today – as it was to the Christians in Corinth Paul was writing to. In this letter Paul ‘blazed a trail through a tangled jungle of issues; how to live for Christ in a hostile environment, sexual standards, inter-faith relationships, the role of women in the church, charismatic worship, church leadership.These bimonthly notes are written by a variety of respected Bible teachers to help you study God’s Word daily. Gain a deeper knowledge of the Bible as you study it in its entirety over a five-year rolling programme. Each issue looks at an Old Testament and New Testament book, and includes ‘The Big Picture’ feature exploring how they fit together into God’s story.
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Format EPUB ● Pages 64 ● ISBN 9781782595076 ● Publisher CWR ● Published 2016 ● Downloadable 3 times ● Currency EUR ● ID 4891772 ● Copy protection Adobe DRM
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