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Melanie A. Everett & Samuel D Perkins 
Offshore Wind Power 
Challenges, Economics and Benefits

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Cover of Melanie A. Everett & Samuel D Perkins: Offshore Wind Power (PDF)
Offshore wind power is poised to deliver an essential contribution to a clean, robust and diversified U.S. energy portfolio. Capturing and using this large and inexhaustible resource has the potential to mitigate climate change, improve the environment, increase energy security and stimulate the U.S. economy. The United States is now deliberating an energy policy that will have a powerful impact on the nation’s energy and economic health for decades to come. This new book provides a broad understanding of today’s wind industry and the offshore resource, as well as the associated technology challenges, economics, permitting procedures and potential risks and benefits.
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Format PDF ● Pages 254 ● ISBN 9781536115147 ● Editor Melanie A. Everett & Samuel D Perkins ● Publisher Nova Science Publishers ● Published 2017 ● Downloadable 3 times ● Currency EUR ● ID 7216813 ● Copy protection Adobe DRM
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