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Mark Kristen 
Mark Kristen’s Little Book of Life 

Adobe DRM
Pokrywa Mark Kristen: Mark Kristen's Little Book of Life (ePUB)
These stories offer a snapshot into the lives of everyday people. If you look carefully, you may well recognise yourself or someone you know in one of the tales.Julia has no choice but to endure the agony of losing her best friend who vanished without a trace.Alex is distraught when he shatters the dreams of the most important person in his life.Ben’s new life abroad could be fun if only he didn’t hate foreigners, detest their food and despise their culture.A man with no name wins a prize; a meeting with Steven King who soon realises that this person could be a character straight out of one of his books.An eight-year-old vegetarian, Becka simply cannot understand why people have to kill animals for food. The day she and her family have to run for their lives, she learns that folk are capable of far worse things than eating meat.
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Format EPUB ● Strony 100 ● ISBN 9781528972062 ● Wydawca Austin Macauley Publishers ● Opublikowany 2021 ● Do pobrania 3 czasy ● Waluta EUR ● ID 7787306 ● Ochrona przed kopiowaniem Adobe DRM
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