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PT Mason 
Time Guardians 

Adobe DRM
Cover of PT Mason: Time Guardians (ePUB)
Sir Aerl has always known there was something more to this world. He only regrets that he does not have time to discover more in this life before passing to the next. Our wounded, wandering knight is rescued by the unlikeliest of visitors-small catlike creatures from the Land of Kitticus, clothed in traveling robes and walking upright, who tell him of Alesyia, a realm of strange and wonderful creatures.The tiny, brave Ninjabbits . . . the Dragats of the fire caves . . . the fierce Sea Devils and the Werehawks-all had lived in harmony for thousands of years.But, through the work of Sami Stormbringer, a long-dormant evil has awoken. As the powerful Nekraxsis and the evil Giggle Horde threaten to bring the land to its knees, Sir Aerl must prepare to fight alongside his furry brethren, or his own world might also be forfeit.Will they learn the true meaning of courage, family, and truth . . . or will both realms descend into darkness?
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Format EPUB ● ISBN 9781634131438 ● Publisher Two Harbors Press ● Downloadable 3 times ● Currency EUR ● ID 4058916 ● Copy protection Adobe DRM
Requires a DRM capable ebook reader

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