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S. Morand & B.R. Krasnov 
Micromammals and Macroparasites 
From Evolutionary Ecology to Management

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Cover of S. Morand & B.R. Krasnov: Micromammals and Macroparasites (PDF)

This book provides a comprehensive survey of the diversity and biology of metazoan parasites affecting small mammals, of their impact on host individuals and populations, and of the management implications of these parasites for conservation biology and human welfare. Designed for a broad, multidisciplinary audience, the book is an essential resource for researchers, students, and practitioners alike.

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Table of Content

Preface V Contents VII List of authors XI Part I. Introduction and definitions 1 Micromammals and macroparasites: Who is who and how they interact? S. Morand, B.R. Krasnov, R. Poulin and A.A. Degen 3 Part II. Major taxa parasitic on micromammals 2 Digenean trematodes C. Feliu, J. Torres, J. Miquel, J.M. Segovia and R. Fons 13 3 Cestodes of small mammals: Taxonomy and life cycles B.B. Georgiev, R.A. Bray and D.T.J. Littlewood 29 4 Nematodes S. Morand, S. Bouamer and J.-P. Hugot 63 5 Acanthocephalans A. Ribas and J.C. Casanova 81 6 Taxonomy, host associations, life cycles and vectorial importance of ticks parasitizing small mammals L.A. Durden 91 7 Mesostigmatid mites as parasites of small mammals: Systematics, ecology, and the evolution of parasitic associations A.P.G. Dowling 103 8 Taxonomy, life cycles and the origin of parasitism in trombiculid mites A.B. Shatrov and N.I. Kudryashova 119 9 Blood-sucking lice (Anoplura) of small mammals: True parasites K.C. Kim 141 10 Fleas: Permanent satellites of small mammals S.G. Medvedev and B.R. Krasnov 161 11 Bat flies – obligate ectoparasites of bats C.W. Dick and B.D. Patterson 179 Part III. Patterns 12 Patterns of macroparasite diversity in small mammals B.R. Krasnov, R. Poulin and S. Morand 197 13 Patterns of host specificity in parasites exploiting small mammals R. Poulin, B.R. Krasnov and S. Morand 233 14 Coevolution of macroparasites and their small mammalian hosts: Cophylogeny and coadaptation J.-P. Hugot 257 15 Comparative phylogeography: The use of parasites for insights into host history C.M. Nieberding and S. Morand 277 16 Insularity and micromammal-macroparasite relationships E. Magnanou and S. Morand 295 Part IV. Processes 17 Models for host-macroparasite interactions in micromammals R. Rosa, A. Rizzoli, N. Ferrari and A. Pugliese 319 18 Transmission ecology and the structure of parasite communities in small mammals I.M. Cattadori, V. Haukisalmi, H. Henttonen and P.J. Hudson 349 19 Effect of macroparasites on the energy budget of small mammals A.A. Degen 371 20 Immunogenetics of micromammal-macroparasite interactions N. Charbonnel, J. Gouy de Bellocq and S. Morand 401 21 Interactions among immune, endocrine, and behavioural response to infection Z.M. Weil, L.B. Martin II and R.J. Nelson 443 22 Behaviour, life history strategies and parasite infection in rodents C.J. Barnard and J.M. Behnke 475 Part V. Management and Case Studies 23 Nematode zoonoses J.C. Casanova, A. Ribas and J. M. Segovia 515 24 Rodents as definitive hosts of Schistosoma, with special reference to S. mansoni transmission J.-M. Duplantier and M. Sene 527 25 Towards understanding the impacts of environmental variation on Echinococcus multilocularis transmission D.R.J. Pleydell, F. Raoul, A. Vaniscotte, P.S. Craig and P.Giraudoux 545 26 Parasites and pest population management H. Leirs and G.R. Singleton 565 27 Biological conservation and parasitism P. Christe, S. Morand and J. Michaux 593 Part VI. Conclusion 28 Global changes and the future of micromammal-macroparasite interactions S. Morand, R. Poulin and B.R. Krasnov 617 Index 637
Language English ● Format PDF ● Pages 647 ● ISBN 9784431360254 ● File size 8.1 MB ● Age 02-99 years ● Editor S. Morand & B.R. Krasnov ● Publisher Springer Tokyo ● City Tokyo ● Country JP ● Published 2007 ● Downloadable 24 months ● Currency EUR ● ID 2220278 ● Copy protection Adobe DRM
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