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Salman Olayan 

Birth of a Thought
A Beacon of science & a guide of understanding through unique scientific suggestion motivated by a Rooted human thought.
This book offers cognitive results of a considerable scientific value includes literary concepts and cultural compositions
Which their definitions and source of origination are based on scientific scales and moral standards combine in their literary compatibility
Between Heritage science and Modern Science.
Their scientific perspective depends on definition of the Humanitarian instinct theory in describing components of the human soul,
Its interaction, repulsion of its sensory, moral and organic functions. Since it illuminates the human Insight, leading to the mental equilibrium
Between emotional motivations and the material constituents. This book uses a cognitive language
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Language Arabic ● Format EPUB ● ISBN 9788822872050 ● File size 108.1 MB ● Publisher Salman Olayan ● Published 2016 ● Downloadable 24 months ● Currency EUR ● ID 5124237 ● Copy protection Social DRM

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