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Simon Holdermann 
Guides of the Atlas 
An Ethnography of Publicness, Transnational Cooperation and Mountain Tourism in Morocco

How do digital media technologies shape or restructure social practice? And which transitions and demarcations of different forms of publicness arise in this context? Simon Holdermann examines this question in his ethnography of everyday life in the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco. In order to approach the ongoing, historically situated social transformations of the region, he analyses a variety of media practices concerning the organizational work and transnational cooperation that take place there – in particular at the intersection of mountain tourism, NGO work, and local self-government.
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About the author

Simon Holdermann studied social and cultural anthropology at Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster and Universität zu Köln in Germany, with semesters abroad in Uppsala, Sweden, and at University of California, Berkeley, USA. He was a research associate at the CRC 1187 »Media of Cooperation«, Universität Siegen and did fieldwork in the High Atlas Mountains in Morocco. His research interests revolve around the anthropology of media and technology as well as North Africa and the Mediterranean region.
Language English ● Format PDF ● Pages 310 ● ISBN 9783839461389 ● Publisher transcript Verlag ● City Bielefeld ● Country DE ● Published 2023 ● Edition 1 ● Downloadable 24 months ● Currency EUR ● ID 8202708 ● Copy protection Social DRM

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