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Josephine deBois 
The Perfect Women – A Fairy Tale 

Adobe DRM
Omslag till Josephine deBois: The Perfect Women - A Fairy Tale (ePUB)

’I cannot make sense of this data from Sine, ’ said John Djerassi, the genomic profiling expert. He looked at Samuel, slightly puzzled. ’I have never seen so much woman in any sample before.’ He gave a lopsided smile and continued, ’Looks like the perfect woman.’*****It should have been an easy case for Samuel, a New York traffic police officer. His boss told him to just get rapid closure with a perfect report, something to bolster his résumé for a transfer to a better post. But when Sine died a violent death, Samuel suddenly finds himself embroiled in a scheme far beyond anything he ever dreamed—murder, human trafficking, and more, a sinister use of modern biological sciences to unleash a viral war leading to the extinction of all people. Except those of a certain kind.

Språk Engelska ● Formatera EPUB ● Sidor 432 ● ISBN 9781662423178 ● Filstorlek 0.3 MB ● Utgivare Page Publishing, Inc. ● Publicerad 2021 ● Nedladdningsbara 24 månader ● Valuta EUR ● ID 7782332 ● Kopieringsskydd Adobe DRM
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