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Géza Pálffy 
Hungary between Two Empires 1526–1711 

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Cover of Géza Pálffy: Hungary between Two Empires 1526–1711 (ePUB)

The Hungarian defeat to the Ottoman army at the pivotal Battle of Mohács in 1526 led to the division of the Kingdom of Hungary into three parts, altering both the shape and the ethnic composition of Central Europe for centuries to come. Hungary thus became a battleground between the Ottoman and Habsburg empires.

In this sweeping historical survey, Géza Pálffy takes readers through a crucial period of upheaval and revolution in Hungary, which had been the site of a flowering of economic, cultural, and intellectual progress—but battles with the Ottomans lead to over a century of war and devastation. Pálffy explores Hungary’s role as both a borderland and a theater of war through the turn of the 18th century. In this way, Hungary became a crucially important field on which key debates over religion, government, law, and monarchy played out.

Reflecting 25 years of archival research and presented here in English for the first time, Hungary between Two Empires 1526–1711 offers a fresh and thorough exploration of this key moment in Hungarian history and, in turn, the creation of a modern Europe.

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Table of Content

List of Figures
List of Maps
List of Tables
Note on Terms and Names
List of Abbreviations
Political and Military Chronology, 1526–1711
Part I: Hungary after Mohács: A Century of Direction Seeking, 1526–1606
1. On the Frontier of Two Empires
2. Roads from Istanbul to Vienna: The Ottomans in Hungary
3. The Bumpy Road to Vienna: The Habsburgs and the Hungarians
4. The Road to Istanbul: The State of King John Szapolyai and His Son
5. On a Narrow Path: The Principality of Transylvania
6. Society Finds Its Way
7. The Economy and Its Roads to Europe
8. The Search for a New Home: Ethnic and Demographic Changes
9. Finding Faith: Hungary’s New Religion
10. Seeking a Language: A Cultural Golden Age
11. Looking in Vain for a Way Out: The Long Turkish War, 1591–1606
Part II: Decay and Rejuvenation: The Janus-Faced Seventeenth Century, 1606–1711
1. Peace or Civil War on the Border of the Two Empires?
2. New Ottoman Campaigns to Achieve an Old Goal
3. The Rise of the Hungarian Estates and the Break with Vienna
4. Transylvania Flourishes, Then Decays
5. Militarization and Self-Administration: Changes in Society
6. Economic Decline and Reorganization
7. Hungarian Populations Fall—Other Ethnic Groups Rise
8. The Revival of Catholicism—a Prolonged War of Religion
9. Half a Century of Cultural Progress—Half a Century of Military Crisis
10. A Country Liberated but Ravaged: The Long Turkish War, 1683–1699
11. Independence Movement and Civil War: The Rákóczi Uprising, 1703–1711
List of Rulers and Highest Dignitaries
Select Bibliography (Monographs and Collected Studies)
Name Index
Place Index

About the author

Géza Pálffy is Research Professor in the Department of Early Modern History at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Research Centre for the Humanities, Institute of History, Budapest. He is author of The Kingdom of Hungary and the Habsburg Monarchy in the Sixteenth Century and coauthor of Crown and Coronation in Hungary 1000–1916 A.D., as well as five books in German, three in Slovak, two in Croatian, one in Romanian, and twenty Hungarian titles.
Language English ● Format EPUB ● Pages 318 ● ISBN 9780253054678 ● File size 100.9 MB ● Publisher Indiana University Press ● City Bloomington ● Country US ● Published 2021 ● Downloadable 24 months ● Currency EUR ● ID 7558615 ● Copy protection Adobe DRM
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