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Ingrid Biese 
Men Do It Too 
Opting Out and In

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Men Do It Too: Opting Out and In offers a timely and comprehensive analysis of the phenomenon of men leaving mainstream careers models, adding to current debates on opting out. The book investigates how globalization, individualization, and this age of high modernity, in addition to issues of masculinity and what it means to be a man in contemporary society and organizational contexts, affect decisions to opt out. Throughout the book, social theory and relevant debates are interwoven with the narratives of 15 men who have left successful careers and mainstream career models to live and work on their own terms: six from the United States, five from Finland, and four from the UK. The narratives help illustrate the issues presented, as well as providing an insight into the men’s identity work throughout their opting out processes. In addition, Biese explores what organizations can learn from the knowledge gathered in her research on men (and women) opting out. This is important in order to create sustainable work environments that not only attract but also retain employees.

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About the author

Ingrid Biese is a Postdoctoral Researcher at the Swedish School of Social Science at the University of Helsinki in Finland. She is also an entrepreneur and the founder of The Art Place Finland, a space and platform for bringing research findings back into the organizational world, where she works with individuals and organizations around issues of sustainable working cultures, practices, and solutions for work. Her main area of research is the phenomenon known as ‘opting out’. Biese sees opting out as a contemporary societal phenomenon and her research includes both men and women who opt out of successful careers to adopt new lifestyles where they can live and work on their own terms. Other areas of interest are globalization, individualization, gender, and identity. Biese regularly engages in public debates on sustainable careers and lifestyles.
Language English ● Format EPUB ● Pages 189 ● ISBN 9783110725902 ● File size 1.6 MB ● Publisher De Gruyter ● City Berlin/Boston ● Published 2021 ● Edition 1 ● Downloadable 24 months ● Currency EUR ● ID 7819105 ● Copy protection Adobe DRM
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