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William Deverell & Greg Hise 
A Companion to Los Angeles 

This Companion contains 25 original essays by writers andscholars who present an expert assessment of the best and mostimportant work to date on the complex history of Los Angeles.
* The first Companion providing a historical survey of Los Angeles, incorporating critical, multi-disciplinary themes andinnovative scholarship
* Features essays from a range of disciplines, including history, political science, cultural studies, and geography
* Photo essays and ‘contemporary voice’ sectionscombine with traditional historiographic essays to provide amulti-dimensional view of this vibrant and diverse city
* Essays cover the key topics in the field within a thematicstructure, including demography, social unrest, politics, popularculture, architecture, and urban studies
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Table of Content

List of Plates vii

Notes on Contributors x

Introduction xv
William Deverell and Greg Hise

Part I The Long History of a Global City 1

1 The Border Crossed US 2
Matt Gainer

2 Born Global: From Pueblo to Statehood 20
Louise Pubols

3 Race, Place, and Ethnicity in the Progressive Era 40
Stephanie Lewthwaite

4 Between ‘White Spot’ and ‘World City’:Racial Integration and the Roots of Multiculturalism 56
Scott Kurashige

5 Contemporary Voice: Where You From? 72
Susan Straight

Part II Social Flashpoints 93

6 Social Flashpoints 95
Eric Avila

7 The Anti-Chinese Massacre of 1871 and Its Strange Career110
Victor Jew

8 Disposable People, Expendable Neighborhoods 129
George J. Sanchez

9 Gridlock of Rage: The Watts and Rodney King Riots 147
Scott Saul

10 Contemporary Voice: Here, Now, I 168
Angela Oh

Part III Politics and Economies 175

11 Ab Urbe Condita: Regional Regimes since 13, 000 Before Present177
Philip J. Ethington

12 Crown Jewels: Infrastructure and Growth 216
Steven P. Erie and Scott Mac Kenzie

13 Consolidation, Fragmentation, and New Fiscal Federalism233
Tom Hogen-Esch

14 Contemporary Voice: Contradictions, Coalitions, and Common Ground 250
Manuel Pastor

Part IV Cultures and Communities 267

15 Cultures and Communities 269
Leo Braudy

16 ‘A Most Advantageous Spot on the Map’: Promotionand Popular Culture 289
Anthea Hartig

17 Tijuana and the Borders of Race 313
Josh Kun

18 Counterculture 327
Dave Mc Bride

19 Cinema and the Making of a Modern City 346
Edward Dimendberg

20 Contemporary Voice: Looking for God in the City of Angels366
Matt Gainer

Part V Landscapes and Place 391

21 Situating Stories: What Has Been Said About Landscape and the Built Environment 393
Greg Hise

22 America’s Playground: Recreation and Race 421
Lawrence Culver

23 Landscapes of Health and Rejuvenation 438
David Sloane

24 Excerpts from the San Gabriel River Series 461
Robbert Flick

25 Contemporary Voice: Thickets of Diversity, Swaths of Emptyness 479
Christopher Hawthorne

Index 494

About the author

William Deverell is Professor of History at theUniversity of Southern California and Director of theHuntington-USC Institute on California and the West. Recentpublications include A Companion to California History (withDavid Igler, 2008), Whitewashed Adobe: The Rise of Los Angelesand the Remaking of Its Mexican Past (2004), and A Companionto the American West (2004). He has also co-editor ofLand of Sunshine: An Environmental History of Metropolitan LosAngeles (with Greg Hise, 2005) and Metropolis in the Making:Los Angeles in the 1920s (with Tom Sitton, 2001).

Greg Hise is Professor of History at the University ofNevada, Las Vegas. He studies the economies, architecture, andplanning of American cities. Hise is the author of Magnetic LosAngeles: Planning the Twentieth-Century Metropolis (1997), co-author of Eden by Design: The 1930 Olmsted-Bartholomew Planfor the Los Angeles Region (2000), and co-editor of Land ofSunshine: An Environmental History of Metropolitan Los Angeles(2005), and Rethinking Los Angeles (1996).
Language English ● Format EPUB ● Pages 536 ● ISBN 9781444390957 ● File size 6.4 MB ● Editor William Deverell & Greg Hise ● Publisher John Wiley & Sons ● Published 2010 ● Downloadable 24 months ● Currency EUR ● ID 2454148 ● Copy protection Adobe DRM
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